Timetabler Connect

What is CELCAT Timetabler Connect?

Within various sectors over the past few years, including education, there has been a drive to move databases and applications onto the cloud. CELCAT Timetabler  Connect is CELCAT’s cloud platform for hosting Timetabler  10 and is likely to be the platform for future versions of CELCAT’s Timetabler  software. Located within CELCAT’s cloud environment, Timetabler  Connect includes all the installation, configuration and licencing services required to deploy Timetabler  10.

What are the benefits of using Timetabler Connect?

Simply put, it allows CELCAT to provide Timetabler  10 as a Software as a Service (SaaS) to clients. Keeping on-premise applications and databases running requires performant servers, networking, cooling, fire suppression, backups, patching, upgrading, technicians and many other resources, all of which have an associated cost. Timetabler  Connect allows institutions to offset these costs and offload the responsibility for deploying and maintaining their Timetabler  environment to CELCAT.

Timetabler  Connect will give users access to Timetabler  10 wherever they are, 24/7. All the hassle of keeping the environment and Timetabler  10 running is taken care of by CELCAT, giving you, the client, absolute peace of mind.

Where does Timetabler Connect store your data and is it safe?

Currently, we use a European data centre. Post-Brexit, country-specific deployment will be in place to satisfy the government’s and institution’s regulations. CELCAT has recently achieved the ISO 27001 accreditation, which covers how your data is managed and processed by us. The Microsoft Azure data centre is also fully certified.

Do I have to use Timetabler Connect to run Timetabler 10 in the cloud?

No. Timetabler  10 has been designed with cloud deployment in mind for the reasons outlined above. However, there is nothing preventing institutions from installing Timetabler  10 on premise, or even in their own private cloud. Please note, this option will be made available in due course but, for now, our priority is the Timetabler  Connect cloud environment.

If you would like a chance to explore Timetabler  Connect, please contact us.