Without data you can’t report, manage or improve the way your organisation works. Not only do CELCAT’s reporting tools expose the data but also interrogate and crunch it, giving you a solid basis for making the smart and informed decisions that will help your institution thrive.

Whether using standard or user defined reports, institutions can examine timetable (planned) and register (actual) data to maximise resource utilisation, ultimately saving money.



Corridor is designed to match planned timetable activity against actual register activity across Frequency, Occupancy and Utilisation criteria.


Multi-Week View Report

MVR allows the user flexibility to group, filter and present event content by week in a non-standard grid view.


What Our Clients Say...

  • The additional reporting services have made a massive difference to the way that BGU operates. We have managed to save a large number of operating hours between administration and academics alone and can now deliver attendance-based reports to staff within 24 hours. Improved reporting has contributed to other efficiencies including a 10% increase in room utilisation.

    James Jackson Head of System Development and Integration at Bishop Grosseteste University

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