Siloed systems and inelegantly integrated systems cause a host of problems. They inhibit flexibility, scalability, productivity and reporting whilst increasing IT overheads. CELCAT’s integration tools are an elegant solution allowing the movement of data in a seamless but managed way.

Integration allows CELCAT Timetabler to be fully incorporated into your Enterprise Resource Planning environment along with existing applications.



Web API encapsulates all the business logic and rules controlling how event and resource data is stored in the CELCAT Timetabler database.


System Integration Manager

Designed for IT experts who understand SQL scripting and want to design and manage the flow of data between CELCAT Timetabler and other systems.



The Video Conference Integration Manager directly links CELCAT Timetabler  to Microsoft Teams, a popular virtual meeting tool.


What Our Clients Say...

  • SIM has been instrumental in our implementation of a robust, powerful and efficient timetabling and register system, as it allows CELCAT to work seamlessly with our student records system without the need to manually move data between them. The level of automation, reporting and analysis made possible by integration has surpassed our initial expectations.

    Toby Wilde Head of Management Information Services at Walsall College

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