Automated Timetabling

Automated Timetabling

Automated Timetabling takes the pressure out of timetabling courses and exams by doing the data crunching for you.

Simply define the rules and constraints governing how and when resources can be scheduled. A sophisticated automation engine transforms the data into an optimised timetable that is unaffected by partiality and personal preference.

This solution’s strength is in its flexibility. Institutions can run the solution as a centralised or distributed service. Academic staff can collaborate by inputting their availability and preferences which are then converted to constraints.


Course Scheduler

Supplement your data with rules and constraints and let the automation engine do the crunching for you to deliver a fully optimised course schedule.


Exam Scheduler

Produce a fully optimised exam schedule for students and invigilators in a fraction of the time taken by manual methods.


Web Data Collector

WDC allows staff to define their preferences and availability which is then transformed into staff constraints used by course automation.


Customer stories

University of Suffolk

Learn how University of Suffolk experienced an immediate improvement in space utilisation through implementation of CELCAT Automation.

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What Our Clients Say...

  • CELCAT Automation was deployed two years ago and we experienced instant benefits to room utilisation. Now, the whole process of constructing the timetable is much more efficient and streamlined. Automation has contributed to improvements in resource utilisation and the effectiveness of the timetable resulting in a better student experience.

    James Nial Head of Planning and Management at Information University of Suffolk

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