Timetabler 10

Timetabler  10 is CELCAT’s new flagship timetabling solution. This new breed of timetabling tool is specifically designed to meet the needs of timetablers worldwide, now and for years to come. When used in conjunction with CELCAT Connect, CELCAT’s cloud environment users have at their disposal the definitive solution in terms of flexibility, scalability, availability and cost; all designed and built by us!

There’s really no need to deal with multiple suppliers and worry about integrating it all. CELCAT’s Timetabler 10 delivers a fully integrated solution which doesn’t compromise on looks, functionality or usability.

Here are 10 things you need to know about CELCAT Timetabler 10:


What is Timetabler 10?

Timetabler  10 is CELCAT’s new application for Scheduling, Computer Assisted Timetabling and Resource Management. It delivers ultimate flexibility, scalability and security by employing the very latest computer and cloud technologies.


What applications does it include?

Timetabler  10 includes: Administrator, Timetabler,  Course Planner, Calendar, and Web API. In time, Timetabler  10 will also include many of the familiar solutions in previous variants (including monitoring attendance, room booking and Self-Service applications).


What does Timetabler 10 look like?

Timetabler  10 has a new state-of-the-art front end, built using Angular v9, and employs C# for the back end. Using the very latest in web programming languages means we don’t have to compromise on looks or functionality.


Is Timetabler 10 ready for use?

Yes. Please contact us or your account manager, if you would like more information on how to invest in and implement Timetabler  10. Please note, Timetabler  10 is only available using CELCAT Connect (for now).


How much does it cost?

Traditionally, the annual fee for Timetabler  is based on student numbers and we expect to follow the same model for Timetabler  10. Cost will vary depending on how the institution wishes to implement the software in the CELCAT cloud environment.


Will CELCAT help me with migration?

Yes. We expect existing users will need assistance in migrating their data over from Version 8. Significant differences involving courses, modules and the ‘Group’ resource will require expert assistance from CELCAT technical support.


Do I have to use Timetabler Connect?

No. Timetabler  10 is designed for the cloud. Whilst we envisage it being available for On Premise and Private Cloud environments, these are not currently available as our initial focus is to make it available through Timetabler  Connect.


Why should we invest in Timetabler 10?

Timetabler  10 is designed by users but built by us. It is not existing software kludged for cloud but a complete reimagination of the Timetabler  suite based on the needs of users today and onwards into the future.


What is Course Planner?

With greater complexity in course delivery, it’s apparent that the ‘Group’ resource in version 8 is too blunt to manage more complicated patterns of delivery. Course planner is a brand-new application designed to handle the most complicated of course scheduling scenarios.


Can I publish in Timetabler 10?

Yes. Extensive development work has been undertaken on CELCAT Calendar to support the new data structures in Timetabler  10. Academic Staff and students have 24/7 access to their personal timetables, even on mobile devices.