CELCAT has the technical know-how and experience to implement CELCAT software effortlessly. CELCAT consultants from the education sector, having a background in timetabling, are equipped to give sound advice concerning best practice and methods that get results.

Our technical know-how & familiarity with the challenges your organisation faces means that we are also well placed to assist you further after implementation, making sure you maximise the return on your investment.

Areas where our consultants can assist include system integration, data warehousing and reporting. CELCAT also has extensive expertise and experience in working with other companies in the education sector providing dashboard applications, biometrics, access control and data collectors to name a few.

It’s not just about having the right software, you need the right people to support you!


Record, Validate, Evaluate and Report

Data is one of the most valuable assets organisations possess. The ability to collect data from disparate systems, validate it and then report on it is crucial to an organisation's success. Whilst CELCAT provides many out of the box reports, we are aware that the things that need measuring and reporting are constantly changing – CELCAT bespoke reports can help you get the information you need.

For example, the National Student Survey (NSS) recently asked students:

Does the timetable work efficiently as far as my activities are concerned?

Are changes in course or teaching communicated effectively?

Bespoke reports on actual data will help analyse how your institution is fairing, identifying strengths and weaknesses. In the hands of key decision makers, CELCAT bespoke reports can inform and assist the organisation to progress.


CELCAT’s sophisticated integration tools deliver seamless connectivity between the Timetabler application suite and your existing applications.

CELCAT integration includes functions to read, write and transform data for supported applications. Purposely designed so that they can be used by timetablers or IT experts alike, Timetablers’ integration permits rapid data transfer between applications.

Using Timetabler integration, institutions can initiate and manage bulk data transfers efficiently. Updates are handled intuitively by identifying the data source(s), analysing what has changed since the last import and then transferring the updates as required, thus minimising the strain on your local infrastructure.