Customer Experience Improvement Programme (CEIP) Privacy Statement

CELCAT is committed to helping you protect your privacy. Please find below an explanation of how and why we collect data if you participate in the CELCAT Customer Experience Improvement Programme (CEIP).

When you participate in the CEIP, we collect basic, anonymous data on how you use our applications. The data helps us to prioritise development work, plan for new releases and improve existing features. Participation is voluntary, and you can choose whether or not to opt in using the CELCAT Licence Manager About Box. Note that the CEIP setting is associated with a CELCAT licence and is enabled by default for new licences. Any subsequent continuation licences honour your established setting.

The information we collect includes details of how often you use certain features of the CELCAT software and sometimes the duration of selected operations. We also record licence serial numbers. We do not collect timetable data, login details, etc. We do not collect details of other software running on your computers.

The CEIP data collected is used solely to improve our products; we do not share it with partners or third parties. Data may be stored and processed in the United Kingdom or in any other country in which CELCAT establishes the necessary services.

CELCAT is committed to protecting the security of the data we collect under the CEIP and appropriate technology is used to minimise the potential for unauthorised access. All data is sent from client software to our CEIP servers via a secured channel. All data is processed in line with our Privacy Notice and subject to UK law (in particular the Data Protection Act 2018).

This notice was last updated on 12th June 2019