If I had to define the concept in a simple and formal way, I could say time management is the process by which someone divides his available hours according to the tasks he must perform.

Efficient time management improves our productivity and our quality of life. Unproductive people (not to be confused with the lazy people), tend to spend their days like headless chickens while feeling like they’re doing things badly and are behind schedule.

There’s nothing like a having a good schedule (or timetable, if you are a student), to make your life easier, right?

For me, there are 4 things that affect my productivity, and these are the areas I focus on to improve my time management:

  1. Organization: how can I store and process the list of tasks that I must do in a day, a week, a month, or a year? (I know, a year is probably too much 😊).
  2. Information: how can I access more quickly the information that interests me, or need, for the task I am working on? Files, online, books etc.
  3. Automation: Can I do something in the same way, or better, and in less time? If so, I will always follow that method.
  4. Distractions: how on earth have I wasted my time today (a fact, we all waste time) and how can I avoid it in the future?

I would like to share with you in another post some of the tools I use, and things I do, which, at the very least, make some small improvements in helping me to manage my time.

How are you managing your time?