In April, we organised and hosted a webinar for the timetabling community to share ideas on how to manage production change during the current situation.

If you haven’t had chance, feel free to catch up on our last webinar here.

We would like to continue supporting the timetabling community in these perplexing times. There is a lot of uncertainty and ideas being bounced around and we are offering a platform for those conversations to take place in a structured and user-friendly way.

Without clear direction, universities and colleges are having to consider lots of different scenarios such as mandatory social distancing, allowing the start of term to slide, offsetting the start of events, planning for the start of term to mostly be online, etc.

Timetablers don’t just need a plan B, it’s like they need plans C to K as well!

We’d like to reassure the community that this webinar is not software-specific and will not be used as a sales pitch. It’s an opportunity for us to share our expertise and resources to give timetablers an organised platform to discuss the issues.

This webinar will be a moderated audience-interactive discussion, examining the impact of these scenarios on the teaching timetable.

We encourage the community to submit questions ahead of the webinar so we can more efficiently facilitate the conversation. Please email

Our next webinar will take place on Wednesday 20th May at 11:00am.

Webinar has already been hosted.