CELCAT Timetablers will be familiar with the Timetable grid. You can’t create an event without first opening one up. In the image below, you can see I’ve opened a group resource called Finance Yr1 – C:

But, did you know, you can have several Timetable grids for different resource types open at the same time?

The next image shows, along with the Finance Yr1 – C group timetable I opened, an additional 3 staff timetables, which are all module leaders for Finance. I’ve tiled them beautifully, and I can now see those staff’s availabilities for the planned activities I have in the Finance Yr1 – C timetable.

Now, we can use the beautiful Staff Adviser to see this:

Or, the equally stunning Usage Chart:

But the advantage of using Timetable Grids is that, not only do I have an overview of the staff availability, but I can drag and drop any event sitting in the group timetable grid into an individual staff timetable grid of my choice and it is instantly staffed!

The following video demonstrates a real ‘use case’ - where a Timetabler needs to find specific available staff for timetabled events.

And just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, I could, if I choose to, put the Staff and Room timetables all together on one screen. The next video demonstrates a real ‘use case’, where a Timetabler needs to assign some available staff and rooms for some timetabled events.

In fact, I can comfortably open 6 – 12 tiled resource grids; depending on my machine’s screen size of course! 😉

If you would like to know more about Drag and Drop in CELCAT Timetabler, please get in touch.