The Genesis of the Multiple Selection List record

The Multiple Selection List record made its debut in the Windows Timetabler  Client. It allowed you to quickly select and add from a list of your own preselected collection of resources saved in a record.

For example, coupled with the now infamous keyboard shortcut, ‘C’ for Calendar, in the Room Usage Chart, followed by a quick click on the desired time and- BOSH! You get a result that still blows minds today! A task, which previously took what felt like an eternity, is replaced with just a few mouse clicks!

The Multiple Selection List record – TT LIVE, Usage Chart

Fast forward to our web-based application, Timetabler LIVE, and the Multiple Selection List record has evolved into a timesaving beauty. Brace yourself, because you can now drag… & drop, a collection of resources of different types into a Usage Chart and collectively see their availability (Yes! ‘Different’ resource types! – How cheeky is that! ). Not just in the day view, but also in the week’s view by semester. And, as if that wasn’t exciting enough, you can bookmark it as well!

Unbelievable I know, blown away aren’t you!? But believe me, it gets even better!

The Multiple Selection List record – TT LIVE, Resource Grid

Drag that very same Multiple Selection List record into a Resource Grid and my collection of Modules, Rooms and Staff have created an event- just like that! As before, if there’s any resources I don’t want included, I just uncheck their checkboxes. And I know the created Event is clash free because I can see that in the Usage Chart.

How much time will that save you? If you’re anything like me when I saw this for the first time, your face will be looking like you’ve just discovered fire!