This morning, whilst I was thinking about something technical to write about here (which, for many reasons, I was finding extremely difficult), a member of my team (Seddon!) called me to bounce some ideas off me, and I ended up doing the same (off him, obviously!). Which got me thinking about how important it is to be part of a team that collaborate and work together for the greater good. At CELCAT, and in my case the consultancy team, we pride ourselves (without talking about it all the time) of being a collaborative team.

These are some of the things we do naturally, all the time, which I have identified as key things that make us a good team:

  1. Group brainstorming: The perfect example of good collaboration is a good old-fashioned brainstorming session. We love to contribute ideas that benefit the team, CELCAT and, ultimately, you- our clients. We love, and we are encouraged, to come up with innovative solutions to complex problems that we as a company, and you as client, face.
  1. Diverse teams: The people who make up our team are all different; each one of us brings something unique and special to the group. (In fact, our team has 4 nationalities represented: Honduran, French, South African and English.) Forming inclusive teams with a wide range of talents, knowledge levels and backgrounds (personal and professional) strengthens team collaboration.
  1. Honest communications and open conversations: We do ask questions, dig into specific points, even disagree at times, to move work forward. Although it's not always easy to have open and honest communication, this is key to building a collaborative team. It involves co-creating to come up with better solutions, listening to what others have to say, and working together to meet goals. (Something I have experienced since I joined CELCAT)

As a team we share these values:

Clarity: Clear communications are key to avoiding unnecessary conflict or misunderstanding. This is something we have recently looked at to improve as a company.

Efficiency: The important thing is what the time is spent on. We try to keep our meetings and briefings short and to the point to help our teammates get jobs done on time. (I know, short meetings, right? If only! But we try. 😊)

Positivity: Not all team projects are going to work out perfectly. But, with a positive attitude, stress and conflict are more manageable.

Confidence: We feel confident contributing our unique and particular ideas and skills.

Responsibility: As professionals here at CELCAT, everyone feels really responsible for the work they do. We try hard not to miss deadlines and help our clients the best we can.

Keep in mind that a diverse team can strengthen the execution of a project. Different skill levels and personalities are extremely helpful, but good collaboration is only possible when all team members truly embrace these values. And here at CELCAT, we do!