A new version of SIM was released on December 3, 2020, the last release of the year. This new release is packed full of exciting new features and enhancements. We’ve categorised them under five headings so you can see at a glance what’s new.


  • A new database explorer
  • Improved diagnostics screen
  • The ability to copy users and their permissions
  • Improved initial load time and performance whilst using SIM Manager


  • The ability to run import schedules in "test mode"
  • Run specific parts of an import schedule    
  • Import Events into a newly created Event Store from a user defined query
  • New log shipping options
  • More information for failed deletions
  • Improved performance for when Schedules have Trace Messages enabled
  • Unlimited custom table imports are now available
  • The email log’s subject line now indicates if it is reporting an error, warning or success


  • Azure SQL database connector
  • MySQL database connector
  • Improved MS Excel connector
  • Improved security for SQL Server connections
  • The ability to copy connections


  • Enhanced permissions functionality for users
  • A new administrator’s option
  • Improved logging for the SIM Web API, e.g. failed connections
  • Limit Web API Client access to specified endpoints only


  • New Wiki's for SIM and the SIM Web API

Should you need more information, please refer to the wiki or contact our consultants, Seddon Kirk and Carlos Bertrand, at: consultancy@celcat.com.