In the past, at user groups, conferences and site licence days, I would host a slot aptly named ‘CELCAT shortcut tips & tricks’. I’m proud to say it attracted a healthy fan base! In fact, it still comes up in conversations today, so it would be rude of me not to share those with you over the coming months in a series of blogs called CELCAT ‘shortcut tips & tricks’.

Let’s start off with one method of adding an event in the Windows Timetabler Client using a combination of keyboard shortcut strokes that’ll make you feel like a quick-draw gunslinger in a classic western!

Before we start, we need to set a few things up.

From the menu do: Tools > Options > General Options and select the tab labelled Records. Then, if it is checked, uncheck Prompt to save and click OK.

From the menu again, do: Tools > Options > General Options and select the tab labelled Event. Then do the following:

  • Check the Always on top
  • Set Time Granularity to your desired value (i.e., if you use 15 mins, as I do, dragging events on a timetable will move forward in 15-minute increments).

Okay, partner! Hand over your holsters! Let’s go!

On the timetable grid, place the cursor on the period you wish to create the event in (or near) and do the quick-draw! Ctrl-A followed by Ctrl-S. Ctrl-A creates a new event and Ctrl-S will then save it. (For a really fast draw, there’s no need to take that finger off the Ctrl key between the two moves.)

The new event will fit itself nicely into the period you selected, but if you need the event to start earlier or later, you can select and drag the event (which will move in the time increments that you chose earlier) to the desired start time. Alternatively, select the left edge of the new event and drag that to the desired start time, the difference being that the event’s duration will change as the end time will remain the same. And you can adjust the end time of the event using the right edge of the event in the same way.

There is no event duration that can’t be created quickly with this method- please enjoy responsibly!😉

If you would like to know more about shortcuts in CELCAT Timetabler, please get in touch at: