This year, The French User Group was held online on Tuesday 23rd and Wednesday 24th of March.

We were pleased to welcome participants representing universities and institutions from France, Belgium and Senegal.

Following this year’s theme of “building around timetables”, our French speaking colleagues gave presentations on the latest module specifically developed, and translated into French, to help with timetabling issues related to the pandemic:  VCIM. They also presented the latest developments on SIM, Web Data Collector, Calendar, Plasma interactive and, of course, CELCAT Timetabler 10.

One of the highlights of this online meeting were two users relating their experience of the online training facilities and the setting up of CELCAT Live links at the Université de Toulouse Jean Jaurès (France). We, again, warmly thank M. Diouf of the Université Catholique de l’Afrique de l’Ouest, our latest customer, for his positive testimony on our online training and his warm invitation to Senegal for our next French User Group!

We are also very grateful to M. Aiello from Université de Toulouse Jean Jaures (France) for his presentation, and for his work and cooperation with our consultant, on the development and setup of the CELCAT Live Links which not only benefited his institution but also Sciences Po Lille (which is also in France).

This online event was well received and appreciated. The French speaking team really enjoyed “meeting up” with users around the world and the participants warmly thanked us for the opportunity to exchange tips and work methods with them and the other users.

One of the participants left asking the question: “Will there be other User Groups? It was great!”

The answer is a resounding, “YES!”. There will be other French User Groups; possibly, like this one, online or, who knows, maybe it will take place in Senegal!