Hopefully, many of you caught the recent article by my colleague, Adrian Gough, concerning the power of the Timetabler Events Wizard. This week, I thought I’d follow up with another wonderful wizard in the CELCAT Timetabler application: The Office Wizard.

If you regularly use CELCAT Timetabler software, you will know it has some powerful built-in reports that quickly (with just a few mouse clicks and check boxes) provide you with resource utilisation statistics; such as on rooms or staff. However, the reports it produces are not easily modified within the main application and, chances are, you will want to add some additional information or present the data in a different way. Don’t despair though. You don’t have to go on a report writing course to do that. The Office Wizard in CELCAT Timetabler can help you by exporting that data from the Timetabler application into a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet (or Word document) where you can then further embellish it, or highlight different aspects of it, for publishing or presentation. If you haven’t used the Office Wizard already, you should give it a try.

The Office Wizard is accessed within the Timetabler desktop Client as shown below. It’s then a simple case of following the steps through the Wizard.

Rather than me describe each step of the Office Wizard here, see the Office Wizard in action below. The video is easy to follow and less than two minutes long.

And there’s more you can do with the Office Wizard. For example, you can create your own templates to control the output using “tokens”. To get you going, CELCAT provides sample templates you can modify.

Additionally, if you regularly output a particular set of statistics and don’t want to spend time formatting the output file, you can create an Excel spreadsheet template and, using Microsoft Excel’s linked cells feature, automatically attach the latest data to your template.

I’ll discuss more about templates, tokens, linked cells, etc. in a later post. In the meantime, if you haven’t done so already, dive in and have a play with the Office Wizard. You won’t break anything!