SIM French Translation
We say ‘Bonjour’ to our French users and are delighted to announce that this latest version of SIM is available in French. We’re confident this fully translated, and localised, edition of SIM will allow French speaking users to extend their integration capabilities.

SIM Development
Changes are being introduced to allow a more streamlined and managed approach to SIM development. While SIM will continue to be developed agilely, allowing CELCAT to respond quickly to the integration needs of clients, it will now be developed in the same way as CELCAT Timetabler.
Incremental build releases will be made available where just the enhancements are tested. Occasionally, a new version will be released where development is curtailed to allow full regression testing of the whole product.
We trust this will further enhance the excellent integration work undertaken by CELCAT consultants.

SIM New Features
Version 612 contains a raft of new features including:

  • Failed Deletions can now be emailed separately from the Log.
    This enables other staff to have ‘eyes on’ data being processed by SIM.
  • A visual indicator highlights active tabs in Import Schedules.
    Users will be able to see which parts of a schedule are running at any time.
  • SIM schedules can now be copied and renamed.
  • Bug fixes.