The initial launch of the product provided user-friendly navigation and customisable control when it comes to data and reporting. Live Reports Version 2 builds on that foundation, introducing even more features to enhance the experience.

Reports can be split into separate sections across multiple pages with customised titles and icons, resulting in faster loading times and better permission management.

Data security is vital to organisations, which is why reports can now be restricted to ‘department-only’ - improving protection against information leaks. With controlled access, users can also generate reports based on staff records.

Live Reports Version 2 grants users more options to display information within the application itself and, with the new advanced formatting options, they can also manipulate the data and design into an arrangement that suits their preference when exported to Excel.

All rights can be dynamically managed within the user interface as the new version simplifies permissions by offering to define report access through multiple selection lists of roles and/or users in preference to hard coded lists of role ids or usernames.

Live Reports Version 2 is available now. Please speak to your account manager or contact us for a demo.