The timetable has been rolled over successfully!

The timetable is functioning, you can relax!

…Or can you?

…Because, at the back of your mind, you know there’s lots of rubbish in the timetable that needs clearing out. Events that have no resources attached; groups with no students; ad-hoc room bookings that shouldn’t have been rolled over. Yes! It’s time to get the broom out and do some housekeeping on your timetable data.

CELCAT Timetabling Best Practice webinar series kicks off on March 5th at 11am with the theme: Timetable Maintenance, Why, When and How.

The webinar will be hosted by Ivan Meyer, CELCAT’s Implementation Consultant. Ivan has considerable experience as a former Space and Timetabling Manager at Queen Margaret University and has worked for two high profile software suppliers within the sector. We are sure that you’ll benefit from listening to Ivan’s webinar.

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