We are really pleased with the initial response we’ve seen to the sign up for CELCAT’s first multi-day International User Conference and have already received requests from those keen for more detail about Tuesday’s master class sessions. So, to help you make an informed choice, it’s our pleasure to provide you with the following information…

The master classes fall into two streams; one for CELCAT’s latest Timetabler 8 developments, the other focusing on project work carried out by CELCAT’s consultants. Please note that on the selection form you can only choose one master class to attend from each block, as they occur simultaneously.

Timetabler 8 stream

Masterclass 1: SAN (Student Absence Notifier)

Learn all about SAN, our new Self-Service solution that will enable your students to notify your institution of their absence from their smartphone.

Masterclass 2: Plasma Interactive

See how Plasma Interactive gives you the ability to enhance Plasma to display each room’s timetable on a screen positioned outside the room; and learn about the interactivity provided that grants staff and students the ability to control their own events.

Masterclass 3: WDC (Web Data Collector)

Learn how you can improve your timetabling scheduling with this new web-based application that gives staff the ability to provide their availability and teaching preferences directly to CELCAT’s Course Automation software.

Masterclass 4: Effective Timetabling

In the final masterclass for this stream, Irshad Khan reveals his top hints, tips and tricks to get the most out of Timetabler Live.

Consultancy stream

Masterclass 1: SIM Exchange Integration

In which we will show you how SIM can take an Outlook meeting appointment made on the fly and transform it into a timetabled event with a marked register.

Masterclass 2: SIM, Templates and Plugins

A review of the latest developments with SIM that gives it the ability to synchronise with third party databases (such as Kinetic KX).

Masterclass 3: SIM All-Inclusive Integration

Discover how SIM’s flexibility in collecting and transforming attendance data from any data collector hardware can be converted into marks on registers.

Masterclass 4: Clash-Free Timetabling

Product Manager Wayne Si discusses the methodology and techniques used by Group Resource in Version 8 to produce clash free timetables.

While we are confident all these master classes have some benefit to offer you, please book as early as possible to enable us to allocate you the places in the master classes you’d most prefer to attend.

Registration has now closed.