Seddon Kirk joined CELCAT in 2010.

Most of his time is spent working on CELCAT’s integration tool, SIM, and moving data to and from various systems. He also works on hardware, reporting, data analysis and any other jobs that CELCAT customers request, as well as talking to them about the challenges they face and working out how CELCAT can assist in overcoming those challenges.

Seddon helps CELCAT clients through consultancy, trying to find different ways to solve any technical issues they may experience. This could include data manipulation; bespoke software; reporting; advice; whatever it takes to resolve the client’s problem.

Before working at CELCAT, Seddon worked in Sainsburys for 9 years as the technical lead on self-service shopping. Following that, he joined a small software house, working with major retailers to deliver customer service related solutions, before moving to Cornwall in 2002 where he took up a position as a report writer at Cornwall College, later taking on project management duties and developing software for various areas of the college.

Seddon enjoys the varied nature of his work now, meeting people and being able to make a positive difference to people’s workloads. He also likes getting to play with lots of new technologies!

A fun fact about him is that he appeared on BBC News 24 when only 1,000 people in the country could receive it; however, he never saw the finished piece!

His favourite hobby is to go kayaking, as he enjoys seeing the coastline from the sea.