Adrian joined CELCAT in 2000 and has been a crucial member of the company ever since.

Beginning his journey as a sales rep, Adrian has gone from strength-to-strength to earn his current role as Sales and Marketing Manager where he oversees several teams whilst still making time to look after a handful of clients.

Adrian finds the role fascinating and enjoys being involved with other department managers to coordinate the development and enhancement of our software.

Across the years, Adrian has gained valuable experience training, implementing and providing consultancy in several countries including the West Indies, Australia, South Africa, Namibia, Botswana and the United Arab Emirates.

Although primarily office-based now, Adrian still enjoys being on the road, meeting users, discussing the challenges they face and gleaning insights on how we can improve the software to better meet their requirements.

Adrian also helps establish and develop vital partnerships which deliver our products with the same high standards of support and service wherever they are in the world.

In his free time, Adrian is learning to be green-fingered and has had great success in growing a variety of vegetables, fruits, plants and trees.